Python: Extract Text from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an important text resources for nlp. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to extract text from it using python.

Python: Extract Text from Wikipedia

1.Install wikipedia library

pip install wikipedia

2.Import library

import wikipedia

3.Get article summary

print(wikipedia.summary("Python Programming Language"))

We also can limit the length of summary by sentence.

wikipedia.summary("Python programming languag", sentences=2)

Run this code, you will print 2 sententces.

4.Search terms

result ="Neural networks")

Run this code, you will get these search results:

['Neural network', 'Artificial neural network', 'Convolutional neural network', 'Recurrent neural network', 'Rectifier (neural networks)', 'Feedforward neural network', 'Neural circuit', 'Quantum neural network', 'Dropout (neural networks)', 'Types of artificial neural networks']

5.Extract information from wikipedia page

page ='Neural network')
# get the title of the page
title = page.title
# get the categories of the page
categories = page.categories
# get the whole wikipedia page text (content)
content = page.content
# get all the links in the page
links = page.links
# get the page references
references = page.references
# summary
summary = page.summary

# print info
print("Page content:\n", content, "\n")
print("Page title:", title, "\n")
print("Categories:", categories, "\n")
print("Links:", links, "\n")
print("References:", references, "\n")
print("Summary:", summary, "\n")