Python: Crack Encrypted ZIP File Using Password Dictionary

In this tutorial, we will introduce how to crack an encrypted zip file using a password dictionary in python.

Python: Crack Encrypted ZIP File Using Password Dictionary

You must need:

  • an encrypted zip file
  • a password dictionary

1.Import library

import zipfile

We will use zipfile library to open a zip file

2.Open zip file using password

#file names 
pwd_filename = "passwords_list.txt"
zip_filename = ""

#read passwords_list file in binary mode
with open(pwd_filename, "rb") as passwords:
    #convert all the passwords into a list 
    passwords_list = passwords.readlines()
    #total number of passwords
    total_passwords = len(passwords_list)

    #load zipfile
    my_zip_file = zipfile.ZipFile(zip_filename)
    for index, password in enumerate(passwords_list):

        #try if password is correct
            my_zip_file.extractall(path="Extracted Folder",  pwd=password.strip())
            print("\n +++++++++++++++++++SUCCESS+++++++++++++++++++++++")
            print("Password Found: ", password.decode().strip())
            print("All Files has been Extracted inside the New DIrectory Extracted Folder")
        #if password fails
            print(f"!..................................Scanning complete {round((index/total_passwords)*100, 2)}%")
            print(f"Trying password {password.decode().strip()} ")

In this code, the key code is:

my_zip_file.extractall(path="e:\\",  pwd=password.strip())

We will try to extract zip file by each password in password dictionary.

If password is right, zip file can be extracted successfully.